Our Services

There's a lot to consider, so we'll put together a customized project roadmap
based on your needs. If you go all in, here's what's included.

3c's of customer experience


  • 1

    Develop Your Content Strategy

    Start with a strategy to define goals and what we want to say. With a documented content strategy, you'll have a living document to share with your team, build from and measure the value of your marketing.

  • 2

    Map Your Customer Journey

    After defining our strategic messaging, we figure out how it fits across the stages of the customer journey and what channels and marketing touchpoints are best to communicate each key point.

  • 3

    Content Design and Development

    With messaging and channels selected, we can help you fill in an editorial calendar and develop content, as needed. Whether you need blog posts, eBooks, or another format, we can write and design content for a wide range of goals.


  • 4

    Content Guidelines and Workflows

    After defining our strategic messaging, we figure out how it fits across the stages of the customer journey and what channels and marketing touchpoints are best to communicate each key point.

  • 5

    Select the Right Marketing Technology

    Marketing today involves technology, there's no way around it. With over 2,000 marketing technologies on the market, how do you choose the right ones? We'll make sure you have scalable tools to execute tactics with ease.

  • 6

    Onboard Your Team

    From sales to legal to marketing and more, we want to make sure your team participates in ideation and content development so that everyone benefits from content and campaigns. Building ongoing processes and workflows will help ensure a steady, high quality flow of content that fulfills the customer journey.


  • 7

    Content Distribution and Promotion

    Your content is created…now what? It's time to get it out there. Based on your customer journey map, we can help you distribute and promote the content through a variety of tactics and media channels.

  • 8

    Digital Marketing Channel Management

    We create an activation plan based on your budget and timeline and can help support the launch tactic by tactic, whether that's coaching your team along the way or managing individual marketing projects.

  • 9

    Measure and Optimize Results

    Once we've put it all out there, we need to track success. We'll monitor analytics and campaign results to find out what's working, what's not working, and why.

Tactical Services

If you need help with individual content marketing and digital marketing projects, we can deliver on a piece by piece basis or as part of an overall content strategy package.

Website Conversion Paths

Your website is the central hub of your online marketing—when you bring people to it how do you keep them moving along to buy?

Website Conversion Paths

  • Website audit
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Conversion path design
  • Web content development

Display Ads

Display ads, including retargeting ads, can be an important part of moving the journey to the next step, continuing the story where your prospect left off.

Display Ads

  • Channel selection
  • Display ad messaging
  • Display ad design
  • Performance monitoring


While we don't recommend SEO on its own, it's still important to have the principles in place to squeeze out as much keyword juice as possible.


  • Keyword analysis
  • Website audit
  • Keyword recommendations with design and content edits.

Pay Per Click

People search when they need something. What are they looking for and what information do they need to convert?

Pay Per Click

  • Keyword selection
  • PPC ad development
  • Google Adwords set up

Blog Development

Keep your content fresh and reach different people looking for different things. A more informal channel to hit those long tail keywords.

Blog Development

  • Editorial planning
  • Blog writing
  • Blog coaching and editing

Editorial Calendar Development

How do you keep ideating on strategy? Let's fill it up so you can have your team and content ready in advance and you're not scrambling to fill holes at the last minute.

Editorial Calendar Development

  • Editorial planning
  • Editorial calendar software setup

eBooks and Whitepapers

Strategically gated content can help identify your leads and convince them before your first sales call.

eBooks and Whitepapers

  • eBook writing
  • eBook design
  • eBook landing page
  • eBook promotion

Social Media

A great distribution and promotion tool...which requires its own strategy, policies and integrations into your editorial calendar.

Social Media

  • Channel strategies
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Post scheduling
  • Image creation
  • Channel monitoring
  • Results reporting
  • Social post promotion

Email Marketing

Not everyone wants to follow you on Twitter--some just want an email summary. Email marketing can be a powerful way to keep both prospects and customers in the loop with updates, offers, events and more.

Email Marketing

  • MailChimp / Constant Contact / Marketo set up
  • Drip campaign design
  • Email writing
  • Html email development
  • Monitoring / reporting on results

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Get expert support without the risks hiring permanent staff members. In fact, it's incredibly easy to work with us from Vancouver, San Francisco or afar. Here are the 3 steps it takes to get the show on the road...



The first step is to schedule a consultation with us. This is a free 30 minutes we'll spend with you understanding your challenges and where we can help. This initial meeting can take place over the phone or in person.



After our consultation we'll present a proposal outlining the steps we'd take to deliver the results you need along with a budget and timeline. This is a high level overview of how we recommend focusing your marketing efforts.



Time to get started. We kick off the project with a deep dive into your current marketing strategy, content, processes and result in order to audit what exists, locate a few quick wins and get started with our documented strategy.